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Richmond offers a bespoke discretionary portfolio management service to companies, highly successful discerning investors and leaders of industry. Since its inception in 1992, Richmond has established itself as the leading investment advisor to a number of high net-worth individual investors and institutions in South East Asia.

The Richmond approach aims to identify market trends at an early stage and profit from those trends by being able to switch out of a market as a downtrend occurs, employing a stringent stop-loss mechanism, which helps protect capital. This helps Richmond focus on generating absolute returns as opposed to the traditional method of benchmarking.

Richmond has developed unique Investment Strategies spanning the asset classes, focusing on dynamic allocation and extensive research. The Investment Team blend detailed technical analysis with a fundamental approach and interpret investor psychology.


Our Approach: Trend Following
Trend following seeks to capture the majority of a trend, up or down, for profit. It trades for profits in the major asset classes-stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. The discipline works across all classes.

The News, Analysis & Commentary
Access to all the financial news, breaking analysis of the events, a considered view of market trends, expert commentary and analysis.

Richmond Reveals is the monthly newsletter by Richmond Asset Management Chief Investment Officer, Graham Bibby. .

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Absolute Return Portfolio Construction
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Pension Fund Management
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Property Investment Portfolio